Friday, June 28, 2002

My recent lack of postings reflects the fact that this is one of the busiest times of the year for the small business I run with my husband. The computer has been occupied with clearing away a backlog of data entry and the personal time I've had to devote to thinking, reading and writing has been limited.

But, by next week my schedule should open up. I plan to spend a bit of that extra time making this site more interactive -- with links to other sites and a mechanism for feedback.

There's a lot going on in the broader world at the moment, and I would like to comment on it. And, read the comments of others in return.

Until that happens, I'll fill you in with a little autobiography: The person behind this blog is an ex-advertising copywriter and marketing professional who runs a small business catering to one of the thousands of niche enthusiasms that fuel the American economy. In this case, restoration and performance parts for old Chrysler cars and trucks. Our specialty is kits that allow our customers to put great big engines in light-weight cars and enjoy all the fun that ensues from that. Not a very politically correct occupation in the age of global warming, I'll admit. But then, another way of looking at it is that we're in the business of automobile re-cycling, aren't we?

If someone brighter than us ever comes up with a fuel-efficient, environment friendly, powerful and cost-effective alternative to the combustion engine -- that could be retro-fitted into older automobiles -- we would be just the people to come up with the mounting systems to help our customers make the swap. $60,000 hybrids and more efficient mass transit may be the right solution for Blue State suburbanites, but, a $10,000 engine (and various required accessories) that a shadetree mechanic can install in that $750 clunker that's propped up on blocks at his brother-in-law's place, might be a more realistic way to entice auto-dependent, small town and rural Americans into the anti-pollution, energy-conservation camp.

Just a thought.


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