Thursday, March 01, 2012

In the outrage race, Breitbart always went nuclear

In the arms race of outrage required to gain attention and be successful in the modern arena of political commentary, Andrew Breitbart, who died today at the too young age of 43, time and time again chose the nuclear option.

Today my sympathy is for his family -- but, in fact, I always felt sad for him.

He was so painful to watch -- his rage so extreme, and his sputtering hatred of others was so over-the-top, that he was obviously harming himself, as well as the public discourse.

Perhaps the most respectful way anyone, of any political ideology, can meet his passing is to honestly acknowledge how destructive the personal animosity, ginned up outrage, and full throated desire to destroy others that dominates our politics is -- to ourselves as well as those "others" we count as enemies -- and stop feeding it with our attention, and rewarding it with wealth.


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